Choose life. Choose a lake. Choose a swim. Choose a bait. Choose a rig. Choose sleepless nights under the stars. Choose the nocturnal music of branches creaking in the wind, leaves whispering, and the eerie night-calls of owls and wildfowl. Choose bright moons shattered in the rippling surface of lakes, and purple skies at sunset perfectly mirrored. Choose silent mist-shrouded pools at dawn. Choose visions of white-flowering waterlilies turning green-gold in the half-light. Choose the flashing bronze flanks of carp, twisting below the surface, on the edge of visibility. Choose a heightened heart-rate. Choose an emotional rollercoaster. Choose the psychological assault-course of planning, watching, locating, preparing, casting and waiting. Choose the endless hours of strung-out anticipation. Choose the rush of striking, hooking, fighting, and landing (or losing) the fish. Choose to walk the tightrope between desperate failure and the adrenaline-inducing, life-enhancing triumphant high of success. Choose life. Choose obsession. Choose Carp Fishing.
"Greg Freestone, Carpspotting 2011"

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fishing the canal in Bude

With Summer being the time of year I hate to carp fish due to the carp spawning and at low weights I headed down to Cornwall for a weeks holiday to chillout and enjoy some time without working.

I didn't intend to do a lot of fishing but I took my 6ft stalking rods with me just in case i had a free hour or so.

Halfway through my holiday we ended up in Bude for the night and as the hotel we was staying in was right next to a canal I thought this would be a great time to get the rods out for a spot of fishing.

I had a walk about looking for signs out fish and asking other young lads that where fishing the canal what sort of fish they was catching and what was in there.
All they was catching was bream and said they didnt know if any carp was in here so i took my chance and set out to catch some carp as im not really into catching bream.

Quite a few boats were going up and down the canal so my first spot i would try was at the end of the canal near the beach where there was no boats.

No joy after half hour and didnt see any fish so packed up and headed back up into the town to give another spot ago.

With the weather a bit wet and cold i quickly set up and got the rods out in a area i thought would be good as i see a few few show up river and knew they would work their way down

within 20mins my rod ripped off and the fish bombed down river
with a nice hard fight on the 6tf rod in the rain it felt good when a nice common was in the net

First ever carp ive caught from a canal and it wont be the last.
with the rain coming in hard now it was time to hit the bar and chillout
Bude is a real nice place and i will be back again one day to see if i can catch a few more

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Season Starts

With a few new faces on the lake and a few old members re joining its good to see them catching a few

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Pig Oink Oink

Lee Birch with a few fish from his last week all caught on the Nash 4G Squid

- The Pig 43lb 4oz
- 27lb
- 26lb 10oz
- 23lb
- 20lb 8oz
- 25lb 12oz
- 16lb

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What a way to end your ticket

Mark Clipston -

Well my time is finally up on this wonderful syndicate,fished last night for the last time & was expecting a pretty quiet night,as lakes been a little moody of late,what i wasnt expecting was another PB to be smashed again ,43lb 10oz of proper Folly carp
loved every minute,gunna miss the place and the guys so much,not fished many syndicates ,but this one will never be bettered,but its time for a new challenge,Good luck to all the members,new and old,Tight lines and keep in touch

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nick Burrage - Gardner Tackle & SONIK

Here is carp catching machine and Gardner Tackle team member Nick Burrage, cradling yet another mega looking carp.

 Nick landed six fish during the session using Pro XM main line and a simple blow-back rig tied using 20lb Trickster Heavy and a size 6 Covert Wide Gape Talon Tip.

Sonik Consultant Nick Burrage with a stunning warrior. Nick uses the Gravity X 3.25 and commented:
"What an awesome set of rods. The more I use them, the more I feel if been missing out on the real joy of playing carp! A real carpers rod!"